Lab 1, Look around open source projects

My professor has encouraged my class to look around at some featured open source projects to get an idea as to what people are working on as well as what I would be interested in working on. So  I was looking and came saw they had a collection of code linters.

I like to be able to read code so I decided to look into what kinds of linters were being worked on and saw the JavaScript standard/standard  project. recently I have been working with JavaScript more so this caught my eye.

From what I've found standard/standard is a javascript linter meant to set rules for formatting JavaScript code as well as providing integration for automating code formatting in text editors. It started January 25,2017 and has had 104 people contribute to it. With 90 open issues there is still plenty of work to be done on it and is fairly active with plenty of issues being solved within the last month.

This project also was interesting because it's used by many of the JavaS…
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